Dealing With Difficult People

            Most often we come across people who are not willing to listen to us on certain things even if it's good for them and they chose to do exactly what they want to do. We feel & see clearly that it's not at all right decision for them but they do not feel the same way. We get more concern about it particularly if they are attached to us or they are near and dear ones. Since there is an emotional sting attached we are more tensed as they don't want to do what is right and they what to follow which is fixed in their mind. 

How do we deal with such people and situation and how do we come out of such worrisome situation? 

First of all everyone has freedom to choose whatever they wish to do in their life. As a Friend, Relative, Guardian or Subhchintak ~ Well-wisher, we can share or put up our opinion or idea. It's we who are holding on, not the other person, they are happy in whatever they want to do, because of our attachment and emotions we get carried away, we want to control the situation and don't want things to go wrong. 

But since others mind is not in our control and may be other person is too adamant to understand the difficulties hidden behind the chosen decision, the other person is not in listening mode than there is no point to hold, we must let go. If intentions are good than the other person will automatically start doing what's best for them over a period of time. 

Time is the only remedy which can bring them to right path. We must ease out on situation and soon right things will follow on its own, time is the only thing which can resolve such situation. Rather than forcing someone, creating tensed situation, generating stresses and taking things in our hand, allow & respect other persons decision, sooner or later they will realize what's right for them and they will be guided for the good. 

Remember that life is a lesson which everyone has to learn from their own prospective.