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Sustaining Good Habits as Habits

Any task or activity is considered to be Habit if it's done with determination, commitment, dedication and over a time does not require special efforts, its carried out continuously and remains as integral part of life.  Positive habits requires extra efforts in beginning, but there is no turning back if its enjoyed fully. Similarly Negative habits requires no efforts to start & integrates in no time but but but stopping and coming out of it requires same amount of efforts and commitments which Positive habits demands at the beginning.   When we stop positive activities or interests due to any reasons than resuming to such activities or habits is again a big task, it's like starting from scratch and vice versa for negative habits. Be aware of such tendencies and must remain motivated and convinced on the path of determination.  First and foremost thing is not to stop or leave the progressive path whatsoever, that's the best way to remain committed.   Mind