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The Perfect Life Path II

We as Individual think that we know the best and we have authority to interpret, judge others life and intercede one's path instead of digesting our own environment. We are accustomed to see outside forgetting the world inside, forgetting to grabble within. We must understand that whichever way we see the world but in reality everyone is progressing towards divinity, slowly and gradually and no one is left out. We may see and feel that others are stagnant but who are we to judge? We may see our path as a golden path and we may feel that we are accelerating but we must mind it that this is a relative term & a relative notion. Our eyes can't see the world three dimensionally hence we cannot comprehend the underlying reality fully. For sure we must not see the world with our own eyes. We now can realize that normal vision has its own limitation which are further hampered by our mindsets and beliefs. We must see the world with Divine Eyes where everything remains at everlasti

The Perfect Life Path

Imagine small houses in a village and an unconstructed road leading to each house. Slowly gradually as humanity progresses , Village transforms into Town and into City. Now there are multistorey buildings and city is blessed with highly dense population. There are multiple roads leading toward each building and multiple lifts leading to one's home to resolve complex situations like traffics and power failures. Out of These multiple roads some are narrow, some are wide, some are full of trees, some are one ways, and rest are two-ways. The ultimate goal of each road is to simplify life and reach one's destined Home. Now let's imagine the roads or paths leading to our heart, at the beginning of life when Mind was pure there was perhaps only one path but as Mind became complex, overtaken by Illusions and Maya , different paths started appearing. Based on one's state of mind, the path shows up and may someday one decides to walk over it. Each one thinks that their wa