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Achieving Sense Of Fulfilment

          Success is step by step process. Success is art & science. Success is an outcome of focused - persistence and consistence inputs, there are no short cuts. Each day actions counts for any kind of accomplishments. Success is a present state, neither it can exist in past nor in future. One has to keep oneself updated to keep up to the next levels. It's a continuous process. Similarly all these also holds good for health. Health is art & science, step by step process, outcome of focused - persistence and consistence inputs, one needs to push to accomplish next level, it's a continuous process. Both health and success are perishable, hence it is a lifelong process. To accomplish any or both of these one has to take nonstop actions without any compromises, to gain real fruits in any of these areas. Each and every process involved accompanies with  learning, memories to cherish, expands horizon & potential, builds experience & wisdom, ultimately brings happin

EGO - Highway To Life Progress

        Humans have tendency to pamper their own EGO. In no time these pampering of EGO makes it to grow larger than oneself. Slowly humans starts to think, feel and act from own EGO's purview and one starts considering all matters from personal perspectives.  In this situation one is unable to conceive neutrality. Each matter be it right or wrong is judged with a notion - what's in it for me - what benefits one can get out of every situation. When things go well EGO grows and when things go wrong, still out of EGO one keeps on dragging and carrying it instead of correcting it.   It's okay to accept one's mistake, it's okay to learn from the mistakes, it's okay to correct oneself, it's okay to be sorry, it's okay to keep aside one's EGO, it's wonderful to remain flexible, it's awesome to remain aware about reality, it's great to accept neutrality and it's lovely to grow humility & compassion.  EGO is not High-way but No-way and Ne

Significance Of Awareness State

     Humans always chases dreams in their entire life cycle. These dreams could be their own or it could be of someone else. In totality some people starts working on their own dreams and rest just forgets their dreams. Either ways each individual is driven by a purpose. Purpose remains the motivational force. When one's positive purpose and positive dreams aligns, it brings tremendous power to execute and achieve, it generates tremendous energy to deliver & to serve masses. No one is judging anyone, everyone is unique and are here for a purpose. It's just a matter of time when one's unique purpose aligns with unique dream. This alignment opens path for enlightenment and ultimate happiness. It is important to first create such awareness within to reach out to a state of alignment where universal energy becomes the guiding force. Such a state can be achieved through the amalgamation of Body, Mind & Soul. A state of oneness & blissfulness. https://thoughtforsucc

Discover Heaven On Earth

     In life path one always encounters warmth, care, affection, kindness, love, empathy, compassion, form someone selflessly divine, giving direction, guidance, support, motivation, inspiration which ultimately creates a platform to bounce back. This act of kindness brings spark in one's life, prepares oneself to face fears and encourages to lead better life. One in no time overcomes difficult time & climbs ladder of success. It's one's choice or a decision to remain grateful or not to the received kindness which acted as a spark in one's life.   One who does not remains grateful confined to the selfish circle. One who remains grateful, naturally remains grounded and brings happiness not only to the selfless divine soul but to everyone else encountered in life. Kindness become way of life. Divine happiness is infectious and multiplies in fourfold. With the help of universal force One spreads happiness and kindness selflessly making world a better place to live, and

Characteristics Of A Leader

A legend, a leader, a role model, an outlier is the one who imagines what nobody can see, converts into vision and makes it a mission by creating larger impact on the millions of lives. These sets of outliers has a spark and a definite characteristics which makes them unique from the mass. These characteristics can be as described here but not just limited or confined to it. Physiology - Body language, Energy, Aura , Psychology - People friendly, Mass communicator,  Visionary - Imaginative, innovator & dreamer, Spirituality & Divinity, honest, committed, humble, philanthropist, inspiring,  selfless mentoring.... Most prominent among all is Energy. One's Body Language & Aura highly associated with one's energy which is governed by one's own confidence, determination, passion, focus. Energy depicts one's commitment and execution eagerness. One's Energy has power to bring, connect and bond people together, has power to build trust, respect, aligns vision an

Attain It Or Skirt It !!

Yes, it’s true that no one can bring or gift success in someone’s life. One has to strive for it and earn it, there are no shortcuts. Yes, it’s true that one can take guidance of mentor or guru, do research, do analysis, acquire knowledge from the right sources, gain experience, fail numerous times, but still one needs to climb the mountain by oneself. Success comes to does, action takers. Yes, it’s also true that no other person can become hurdle to one’s path or block or steal one’s success, there can be competition, but still each player has its share, there is no winner or loser, it’s all about cheating one’s own mind or delivering best from one’s own mind. One’s success lies in one’s dreams, desires, goals, eagerness, focus, dedication, passion, execution. There is no way for any external forces to stop one’s growth, it’s the internal forces which defines & decides one’s fate. It’s an individual choice to attain it or skirt it !!