EGO - Highway To Life Progress

        Humans have tendency to pamper their own EGO. In no time these pampering of EGO makes it to grow larger than oneself. Slowly humans starts to think, feel and act from own EGO's purview and one starts considering all matters from personal perspectives. 

In this situation one is unable to conceive neutrality. Each matter be it right or wrong is judged with a notion - what's in it for me - what benefits one can get out of every situation. When things go well EGO grows and when things go wrong, still out of EGO one keeps on dragging and carrying it instead of correcting it. 

It's okay to accept one's mistake, it's okay to learn from the mistakes, it's okay to correct oneself, it's okay to be sorry, it's okay to keep aside one's EGO, it's wonderful to remain flexible, it's awesome to remain aware about reality, it's great to accept neutrality and it's lovely to grow humility & compassion. 

EGO is not High-way but No-way and Neutrality is True-way to progress in life.