The Perfect Life Path

Imagine small houses in a village and an unconstructed road leading to each house. Slowly gradually as humanity progresses, Village transforms into Town and into City. Now there are multistorey buildings and city is blessed with highly dense population. There are multiple roads leading toward each building and multiple lifts leading to one's home to resolve complex situations like traffics and power failures. Out of These multiple roads some are narrow, some are wide, some are full of trees, some are one ways, and rest are two-ways. The ultimate goal of each road is to simplify life and reach one's destined Home.

Now let's imagine the roads or paths leading to our heart, at the beginning of life when Mind was pure there was perhaps only one path but as Mind became complex, overtaken by Illusions and Maya, different paths started appearing. Based on one's state of mind, the path shows up and may someday one decides to walk over it. Each one thinks that their way or path is the best and it may appear to each one that the path chosen by others are different or not correct or even fake or inferior. One must break this notion of Maya and Experience one's True Nature. One must comprehend that the greatest goal of each path is to reach one's heart. Each paths are presented by Gurus - Satgurus, connecting each individual to divine heart, and ultimately leading to Supreme.

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